Manjaro is an efficient companion to serve your variety of needs and it is versatile to adapt to all of your needs. Our user base varies from home users to students & teachers, programmers & developers, professionals, art enthusiast, music lovers, professional multimedia professionals and many more.

We asked our users why they use Manjaro and what software they use to relax, learn or do their work. You can find here a incomplete list of software, that in most cases is rapidly available, via the repositories without hunting them down in the internet and keeping watch that you won’t get malware.


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  • Icon LaTeX
    Create documents and more
  • Icon R
  • Icon Yaourt
    Install 3rd party packages


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Home Users

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  • Icon Krita
    Graphics editing, drawing
  • Icon Kdenlive
    Video editing
  • Icon Ardour
    Sound recording, mixing & editing